i.        The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) has brought Many challenges with the influx of many children joining school.

     ii.        Inadequate classrooms to cater for the high enrolment.

    iii.        High number of orphans who lack basic necessities such as food and school uniform.

   iv.        Inadequate pupils latrines due to increasing enrolment.

     v.        Lack of a hall for meetings and indoor games.

   vi.        Inadequate water storage facilities.

  vii.        Understaffing of teachers.

viii.        Lack of a library where pupils can study, do research and make references.

    ix.        Drugs and substance abuse by some truant pupils influenced by the peri-urban set up.

      x.        Absenteeism of pupils and teachers due to the effect of HIV/Aids scourge.

    xi.        Lack of sanitary towels for girls.

   xii.        The location of the school in a swampy place makes the cost of construction and maintenance of structure expensive and high.

 xiii.        Shortage of furniture e.g desks, tables and chairs.

 xiv.        Inadequate funds to run the school.


In spite of the above challenges, the school has continued to have a steady improvement in nurturing pupils behaviour change and excellence in national exams. Kindly visit the perfomance site to have a brief summary of Kenya certificate of primary education (KCPE) results for the last five years.




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