Hi! You are all welcome to the website of Assar Johansson primary school.


The founders of this school had a vision for the school. They hoped the established school would be concerned with producing disciplined boys and girls with good and acceptable moral standards in our society. It is our hope that we produce such pupils whom not only would be disciplined, but knowledgeable and ready to positively face all the challenges in the society.


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Assar Johansson primary school.


Assar Johansson Primary school was initially known as Onyinjo primary school, which was started in 1980 with Mr. Muga Awino as the first headteacher. It was located at the present Migori primary school site. In 1982, the school was moved to its present site where there was a nursery school called Andingo. Its first classroom was a grass-thatched house.



The school is located 3 km from Migori town along Migori-Isbania road.It is opposite Msomi Teachers Training College  and 500M away from Maranatha faith Assembly  Mission national Headquarters.


The local community donated Land for the school, which was swampy.


Maranatha Faith Assemblies took the sponsorship of the school in 1984. The same year, the school’s name was changed from Onyinjo primary to Assar Johansson primary school. This was in honour and memory of a Swedish missionary called Assar Johansson who was assassinated at the nearby Mission Station.


Maranatha Faith Assembly in collaboration with Trosgnistan Mission in Sweden built so many schools in Kenya, Assar Johansson Primary school being the first school.


The Andingo nursery school was also reallocated to the nearby land to the primary school that was bought by the parents and renamed Anita ECD Centre in memory of Anita Johansson- the wife of the slain Missionary.


The sponsors: -Maranatha Faith Assembly has built the primary school and ECD, school’s administration block and 27 classrooms. A part from structural development, the Mission has donated the following to the school:- Type writer, computer, printer, furniture and water tank. To-date the Mission continues to provide spiritual nurture to the pupils and teachers.


SCH0OL MOTTO:- Discipline for success


SCHOOL VISION:   To produce disciplined, hardworking and self reliant pupils.



To enable every pupil be equipped with knowledge, relevant    skills , morals and attitudes  that  can make them to be better members of the society.





The school faces many chaleenges as highligted on the challenges page on this website though the most challenging ones are,

Needy pupils support …

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